Description Edit

The sea is a user created habitat that is based on the ocean. It was created and then abandoned by user Triangle21 in early March-April 2015.

Creatures Edit

Common Edit

Rare Edit

Mythical Edit


Updates Edit

NB This is not a real disco zoo feature, so these updates are simply changes to the concept.

  • 30/03/15: The Sea habitat pictures were first drawn.
  • 31/03/15: The Dogfish was removed. 
  • 02/04/15: The Catfish was chosen to replace it.The Giant octopus was renamed the Kraken and the Sea serpent was replaced by the latter.  
  • 07/04/15: The Reef Shark was renamed The Shark and the original Shark was replaced by the Lobster, while the shark replaced the Crab.  
  • 11/04/15: The concept was abandoned.  

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